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What's New

We've been taking some time off, but we'll be back up and running in early October.
Pinche Blues Band at Boondocks Lounge, January 2015

Who We Sound Like

Judge for yourself from the free mp3s below from our two CDs of originals, but people say we sound like a cross between The Doors and Morphine: high energy and danceable, but dark. In other words, we play the blues.

Who We Cover

We cover artists that audiences know and love, including The Doors, Stevie Ray Vaughan, George Thorogood, Johnny Winter, and Los Lobos.

Blues artists we cover include Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf, T-Bone Walker, Robert Cray, Paul Butterfield, Junior Parker, Charlie Musselwhite, Junior Wells, Ray
Charles, and Willie Edwards.

Our Originals

We have originals in several genres (mostly blues and latin rock), but because audiences want to hear songs they already know, we usually only play a couple of originals per set. If venues prefer original music though, we can play two solid sets of originals.

The Band

Abe Acuña Abe Acuña—Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar. Abe's dad was a professional vocalist in Sonora and Chihuahua, playing rock en español. When Abe was a small kid, rather than telling him bedtime stories, his dad would count him to sleep ("one, two, three, four"). Abe has played in bands in Tucson over the last 20 years, including Backsliders and Built for Comfort.
Chaz Bufe Chaz Bufe—Guitar. Chaz holds a degree in music theory and composition, and has played for decades in blues, jazz, and rock bands in San Francisco and Tucson, including Ass Deep in Hippies, Backsliders, and Built for Comfort.
Fred Hartshorn Fred Hartshorn—Keyboards, Saxophone. Fred has played with blues, rock, and country artists and bands in Michigan and Tucson for half a century, including Ned Sutton and Built for Comfort.
Tim Schaffner Tim Schaffner—Drums. Tim has been playing drums for decades, and has performed with many jazz artists in Tucson.
Michael Zubay Michael Zubay—Bass. While still in his teens, Michael was a touring musician, playing with bands and artists including Glen Campbell, Roy Clark and Deep Purple. Since then he's played with rock and country bands in Ohio and Tucson.

The EPs

cover of Pinche Blues Band CD Postal
cover of Pinche Blues Band CD Three-Beer Night